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Please read and follow all Instructions at bottom of page or we can not Guarantee complete eradication.

If you would like service please fill out the form at bottom of page

First Room                   =   $145.00

Additional Rooms        =   $35.00 EACH

Our bedbug treatments are a 3 treatment chemical process over a 30 to 45 day period. 

All above prices are for 3 complete bedbug treatments inside and include 2 outside treatments for general pest.

All Rooms Must be Treated !!!!!!
4 Bedroom Home with a Family Room an Living Room. = $320.00

 !!!!!!!!!! Guaranteed for 30 days !!!!!!!!!!

    (If you are still seeing live bed bugs within 10 to 14 days)

We highly suggest that you keep a monthly service package after the 3 bedbug treatments.

KEITH @ (623)695-0896

  Please follow all instructions before set appointment time.

All (linens, clothes, sheets, blankets, etc) must be run through a dryer (the heat will kill any live bugs)
2= All (linens and clothes) must be removed from unit before and while we are treating.                                                                

3= Curtains (cloth only)
should be removed during treatment as well.
(After heat dry place in plastic bag and tie if taking back in rooms before treatment)

4= Furniture used as storage should be emptied for treatment. Dressers, night stands, boxes, totes, filing cabinets, desks, etc.

Couches / Chair cushions should be stacked so we can treat them.
The cushions can be placed back on Couches / Chairs after treatment.
(Do not use until dry)

6= Have all rooms vacuumed or mopped use hot water.
(Empty or Throw vacuum bag away and clean vacum after use) 

It is the customer’s responsibility to have these items taken care of by the set appointment time.

Extra steps Customer can do to help with Eradication Process.

1= We Highly suggest that you purchase mattress encasements for all beds instead of buying new mattresses.
(Please ask tech for prices as they very by size from $100.00 to $160.00 for a set)

Steam clean Carpet , Mattresses and Furnishings with Cloth coverings if possible but not necessary it just helps on eradication prcess.

The customer should not use beds for at least two hours or until they are dry.

All bedrooms should be vacated for at least 30 minutes or until aerated.

Warning - Pesticides can be harmful. Keep Children and Pets away from pesticide applications’ until dry, dissipated, or aerated. For more information, contact  BUG-N-OUT PEST CONTROL LLC. Lic #8819 at 623-695-0896

United States Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

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Den,s or Great Room

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